Stephen Crossley

Pilates classes in Croydon, Wandsworth, Surrey, South West London

Why Exercise with us?

Stephen Crossley Pilates is OPEN. Located in throughout South West London offering a range of Pilates classes in your area.

Currently I offer online / zoom classes for all levels Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Please contact me directly for full schedule, subscription fees, beginners will require a consultation. Zoom recordings are offered as part of a subscription.

I am happy to s
... peak with you about your expectations. The following information relates the levels taught.

A complete beginners class. I refer to it as level 1. Depending on the attendance level, the class may progress to level 2. It is ideal for stretching and learning the basics.

A telephone consultation is advised prior to attending so that I am aware of any issue which may affect your mobility. PLEASE SEND A TEXT MESSAGE OR EMAIL ME FIRST.
Beginners OR Level 1 is suitable for anyone who has been recommended pilates and has a basic level of fitness. You should be able to walk without pain. For anyone with an injury or pain, a consultation is always necessary. Please contact me for further information either through this site or TEXT

A mixed ability class is for those with experience of pilates. Levels will be change during each series of exercises. You need a good level of fitness. You are encouraged to progress through levels and should have a good awareness of the exercises as well your own ability. I call this layering.

Classes are mat-based and designed to help your breathing technique, strengthen core muscles and improve posture.

About me: I have 12 years experience as a professional masseur which has given me insight into many back, pelvis, hip, neck and shoulder conditions. It has given me a great chance to assist those in need through the power of touch. I started using pilates as a way of maintaining my own posture and found that the benefits were far beyond just standing correctly. The strengthening of the core muscles creates stability and flexibility which has a knock on effect throughout the body. For example, if you think you have tight hamstrings then this is often caused by the pelvis. Pilates classes are great for people who want to build up their core strength, avoid or recover from injury, improve their posture and balance and gain a greater mind and body awareness!

Text me for help and advice on which Pilates classes is the most suitable for you.

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Insured By: Ctha
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